Private Investment In Airports

Private Investment In Airports

By In Travel News On 01/24/2018

After the failed airport remodeling project that gulped over N100 billion during Jonathan’s administration, it’s time for a new reality of how Nigeria’s airports should be improved and managed. It is a big shame that 20 out of the 22 airport terminal buildings are still dilapidated; all of them require renovation to completion stage. Very few air conditioners are serviceable in all the terminal buildings, including the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport in the country’s capital, Abuja.
About 20 airports have been abandoned for the past three years, and the contractors have left sites for reasons ranging from lack of payments for jobs done; outright misappropriation of the earmarked funds, and government’s ineptitude. These factors have always contributed to the core reason why government cannot manage businesses.
Whatever the case, it’s time for government to hands off investment in our airports. Privatization is the absolute way forward. With oil prices at all time low, Nigeria must curb wastage. Private investors should be allowed to take the risk of investing and managing the airports. All over the world, buying airports has become something of investment fad.

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