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2019/06/26Nigeria and the cost of ignoranceThis discussion is coming 25 years late and it requires a week discussion to thoroughly …2019-06-26 08:17:44
2019/05/03Drive-In Movie at MMA2: A blend of style and innovationThe cascading of the night, with a blend of innovative panache was the needed recipe …2019-05-03 10:05:02
2019/04/24S’Court Backs BI-Courtney, AMCON to Pay N132bnThe lingering battle between Bi Courtney Limited and the Assets Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) …2019-04-24 11:26:12
2019/04/03MMA2 Employee of the Month: Celebrating brilliance, stimulating sound work cultureHaving great employees is critical for success in any organization. Recognizing and celebrating those class …2019-04-03 15:27:29
2019/03/05Bi-Courtney Has A Valid 36 Year Concession on MMA2Our attention has been drawn to an article published by Sahara Reporters alleging that MMA2’s …2019-03-05 16:52:48
2019/02/23Akwa Ibom makes history, unveils Ibom Air to operate from MMA2The Akwa Ibom government has unveiled its own airline; Ibom Air with the arrival of …2019-02-23 13:34:06
2019/02/15Love in the Air @ MMA2Valentine’s day at Murtala Muhammed Airport, Terminal Two (MMA2) was a celebration. A celebration of …2019-02-15 15:16:31
2019/01/28Emirates Airline Offers Nigerian Travellers Discounted FaresAs part of its new year resolutions, Emirates Airline has made arrangements to enable Nigerian …2019-01-28 15:47:50
2019/01/23FRSC inaugurates Special Marshals at MMA2As part of efforts geared towards the creation and sustainability of a safe and secure …2019-01-23 12:18:47
2019/01/07Air Peace begins flight operations at MMA2Air Peace recently delivered on its promise to commence flight services at the Murtala Muhammed Airport …2019-01-07 16:16:13
2018/12/20More airlines pitch tent with MMA2The Murtala Muhammed Airport 2, otherwise known as MMA2, is becoming a nest for domestic …2018-12-20 07:11:02
2018/11/16DANA Air: Celebrating 10 years of doggedness, success storyTen years in the life of an organisation is no doubt, a huge milestone. It …2018-11-16 07:54:56
2018/10/12Nigeria @582018-10-12 13:25:03
2018/06/29Max Air berths at MMA22018-06-29 15:17:13
2018/04/27MMA2: Alaafin Hails Babalakin’s Vision2018-04-27 15:13:02
2018/04/04Ooni of Ife at MMA22018-04-04 15:06:17
2018/03/17Faces at Arik Air’s inaugural flight operation at MMA2, Ikeja, Lagos.2018-03-17 15:02:13
2018/03/15Bi-Courtney assures Arik of hitch-free operations from MMA2Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operators of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2), has …2018-03-15 14:59:29
2018/02/28BASL hosts MBGN2018-02-28 14:58:53
2018/02/22Babalakin wins Most Outstanding Aviation Terminal Operator AwardChairman, The Resort Group, Dr. Wale Babalakin (SAN), has won the Most Outstanding Terminal Operator …2018-02-22 14:55:59
2018/01/24ICAO demands modalities for Nigeria’s airports concessionThe International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has requested for the business outline, the feasibility and …2018-01-24 15:11:44
2018/01/24Lagos airport lacks capacity for foreign carriers’ flight diversion, says OjikutuFG may allow regional flights for MMA2 There are indications that the Federal Airports Authority …2018-01-24 15:10:59
2018/01/24Getting it right in 2017For local carriers, 2016 was tough. They contended with shortage of aviation fuel and scarcity …2018-01-24 15:09:39
2018/01/24Airport concession: Stakeholders’ thoughts and rule of lawThe plan by the Federal Government to concession four of its airports to private investors …2018-01-24 15:08:45
2018/01/24FG’s concession of four major airportsPlans by the Federal Gvernment to concession the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA), Lagos, Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport (NAA), Abuja, Port Harcourt …2018-01-24 15:07:58
2018/01/24PPP as panacea for Nigeria’s airport debacleThat the Federal Government is insisting on concessioning the four biggest airports in the country …2018-01-24 15:07:11
2018/01/24Nigeria’s 22 airports to be concessioned in two phases – FGThere will be no job loss to concession  —Minister Few weeks after the federal government …2018-01-24 15:06:23
2018/01/24Why a concession of Nigeria’s airports will solve aviation problemsA week ago flight operations were disrupted for two days at the Murtala Muhammed International …2018-01-24 15:05:39
2018/01/24Airport security and the ‘enemies’ within2018-01-24 15:03:53
2018/01/24Airport concession: The prospects and challengesThe move by the federal government to concession four major airports in Lagos, Abuja, Kano …2018-01-24 15:02:59
2018/01/24How local content’ll aid airport privatisationAs government finalises plans to privatise four airports, stakeholders call for due diligence and injection …2018-01-24 15:01:18
2018/01/24The Odds against Airport ConcessionsThe federal government has made it clear that it would concession the four major airports …2018-01-24 15:00:22
2018/01/24How ineptitude fortified case for airport privatisationPoor service delivery despite huge taxes accruing from levies may have forced the Federal Government …2018-01-24 14:59:18
2018/01/24FG to concession 2nd Niger Bridge, four airportsThe Federal Government has listed six strategic intervention areas to be covered by the 2016 …2018-01-24 14:58:22
2018/01/24Adebisi Wins Africa Best Rated Aviation Personality Of The Year AwardTHE AFRICA Development Magazine has adjudged the Chief Operations Officer of Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited …2018-01-24 14:57:33
2018/01/24Intrigue, losses as MMA2’s regional service stallsRegional flight service scheduled to take off at the Murtala Mohammed Airport Two (MMA2) since …2018-01-24 14:56:11
2018/01/24Medview flags off Kaduna-Lagos routeMED-VIEW Nigeria airline yesterday flagged-off its Lagos-Kaduna route with a promise to give passengers friendly …2018-01-24 14:55:36
2018/01/24FG mulls concession of airport infrastructure, new airportsThe Minister of State for Aviation, Mr. Hadi Sirika, on Thursday said the quest to …2018-01-24 14:54:06
2018/01/24FirstNation receives IATA operational safety certificateThe International Air Transport Association has presented FirstNation Airways with the IATA Operational Safety Audit Certificate for …2018-01-24 14:53:01
2018/01/24Airport privatization should be done in clusters – OjikutuAviation expert and former Commandant, Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, group Captain John Ojikutu (rtd) said …2018-01-24 14:52:17
2018/01/24Only private investors can manage airports effectively –TukurThe Federal Government has been advised to follow up with the planned privatisation of four …2018-01-24 14:51:07
2018/01/24INTEGRITY IN LEADERSHIP: 20 Most Outstanding NigeriansMs. Adebisi Awoniyi: A Corporate Goal-Getter Her peers in the nation’s aviation industry are few. …2018-01-24 14:50:21
2018/01/24A tale of two airports’ erasIt is inconceivable, two years ago, that any Nigerian aviation agency, in the face of …2018-01-24 14:48:32
2018/01/24Stakeholders blame industry’s woes on policy summersaultsTHE Chairman of Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited, Dr. Wale Babalakin has attributed the problems of …2018-01-24 14:47:05
2018/01/24MMA2 CELEBRATES FIRSTNATION AIRWAYS’ IOSA CERTIFICATIONBi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operator of the Murtala Mohammed Airport Two (MMA2), Lagos celebrates …2018-01-24 14:45:36
2018/01/24Wanted: Modernised airportsThe ranking of three Nigerian airports among the worst in Africa by a Canadian group, …2018-01-24 14:45:05
2018/01/24Immigration Deploys Staff to MMA2 for International FlightsThe Comptroller-General of Immigration Service,(CGI) Martin Abeshi has said that Immigration personnel would be deployed …2018-01-24 14:42:57
2018/01/24Analysts ask new Aviation Minister to privatise airports’ terminals immediately …ensure security around airlinesAs the newly inaugurated Ministers hit the ground running as expected, Hadi Sirika, Aviation Minister …2018-01-24 14:41:56
2018/01/24Minor fire incident at MMA2A minor fire incident, resulting from an electrical spark, occurred outside the Murtala Muhammed Airport …2018-01-24 14:40:06
2018/01/24Sierra Leonean Government Delegation Visits MMA2A two-man delegation from the Public Private Partnership unit of the office of the President …2018-01-24 14:39:26
2018/01/24Sierra Leonean Government Delegation Visits MMA2A two-man delegation from the Public Private Partnership unit of the office of the President …2018-01-24 14:38:29
2018/01/24Private Investment In AirportsAfter the failed airport remodeling project that gulped over N100 billion during Jonathan’s administration, it’s …2018-01-24 14:37:34
2018/01/24‘How Kano, P-Harcourt Became World’s Worst Airports’A former Assistant Secretary General, Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON), Alhaji Mohammed Tukur, has supported …2018-01-24 14:35:59
2018/01/24Nigeria needs a national carrier, says Sen. SirikaThe Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) command at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), while giving …2018-01-24 14:35:14
2018/01/24Towards curbing stowaways at Lagos AirportThe Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) command at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), while giving …2018-01-24 14:34:30
2018/01/24NCAA unfolds Nigeria’s safety policy statementIN compliance to global safety standard, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has unveiled the …2018-01-24 14:33:31
2018/01/24Tackling airport infrastructureThe abandonment of the airport remodeling project has left many of the facilities in decay. …2018-01-24 14:32:33
2018/01/24We don’t joke with passengers’ rights abuses, says NCAAThe Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has said the body does not handle cases of …2018-01-24 14:31:40
2018/01/245 years after, Nigeria’s aviation still in the woodsAviation industry in Nigeria suffers from poor reputation for operational efficiency and safety. This is …2018-01-24 14:30:51
2018/01/24NCAA Lifts Ban On Discovery Airlines’ OperationsThe Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has lifted the ban on the operations of Discovery …2018-01-24 14:29:51
2018/01/24Med-View Expands Fleet, Acquires Boeing 737-400 ClassicAs part of its plans to boost its operations as well as expand its fleet, …2018-01-24 14:28:54
2018/01/24ICAO Security Audit: Airport Police Command Holds Seminar On CompetenceThe Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Airport Command, has organised a seminar on competence to sensitise …2018-01-24 14:27:30
2018/01/02How to behave when traveling by air for the first timeWARNING!!! This is a very hilarious Story, don’t read this in public!!! Since my trip …2018-01-02 10:17:27
2017/11/08BABALAKIN FETES OSHOBI, NEW SAN2017-11-08 14:14:47
2017/11/07Bi-Courtney wants NCAA implements approval for regional operations at MMA22017-11-07 14:09:09
2017/10/27NASS promises to resolve MMA2 concession issuesThe National Assembly has assured the management of Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operators of …2017-10-27 14:07:31
2017/07/31MMA2 wins LCCI’s Best Public-Private Partnership Award2017-07-31 14:03:20
2017/07/25Civil servant wins new car in MMA2 Fly and Win promo2017-07-25 13:51:45
2017/07/24MMA2 Fly & Win Promo Grand Finale2017-07-24 13:48:20
2017/07/04MMA2 at 10: ICRC, SystemSpecs hail Bi-Courtney04The Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission and SystemSpecs have hailed the pioneering efforts of Bi-Courtney Aviation …2017-07-04 13:43:57
2017/06/23MMA at 10 Fly and Win promo ends July 21The Fly and Win promo introduced as part of activities to celebrate the 10th Anniversary …2017-06-23 13:18:30
2017/05/18MMA2… 10 years against all oddsBi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operators of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal 2 (MMA2), has …2017-05-18 13:17:00
2017/05/08MMA2 at 10 Press Conference2017-05-08 13:11:37
2017/05/04Bi-Courtney gears up to celebrate MMA2@10ACTIVITIES marking the 10th Anniversary of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2) will commence …2017-05-04 13:04:13
2017/04/20MMA2 @ 10: Lessons for private investorsThe 16th American President, Abraham Lincoln, once said: “It often requires more courage to dare to …2017-04-20 13:01:41
2017/02/27Quick Fixes Can’t Sustain Aviation Infrastructure – BabalakinThe chairman of The Resort Group, Dr. Wale Babalakin, has said infrastructure deficit was one …2017-02-27 12:57:28
2017/02/20RESORT GROUP RETREAT (FEBRUARY 2017)2017-02-20 12:46:22
2017/02/20MMA2 represents considerable cerebral input into very modest resources-Dr. Wale Babalakin, Chairman, Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited“MMA2: Number one airport terminal in Nigeria since 2014”:Federal Ministry of Aviation “MMA2: Second cleanest …2017-02-20 12:39:07
2017/01/24NEWS ON MMA2  NAIA closure: Bi-Courtney rejects Lagos GAT expansion Businesses not closing shops at MMA2 – …2017-01-24 15:13:46
2017/01/04The burden of MMA2Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2), Lagos, is a phenomenal project providing critical services to …2017-01-04 12:41:24
2016/09/06MMA2 still fully operational, says Bi-CourtneyBi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operator of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2), says …2016-09-06 12:34:29
2016/08/08Between Abayomi Oluwole & the Pen-robbers in AbujaYou should be wondering what Abayomi Oluwole has got to do with the few state …2016-08-08 12:30:28
2016/06/23Bi-Courtney’s CEO tasks staff on safety and efficiency2016-06-23 12:20:43
2016/06/21New Ceo To Drive Bi-Courtney’s Pioneering Role In Aviation SectorIn its constant quest to provide better and more efficient services and to consolidate its …2016-06-21 12:15:19


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