MMA2 Employee of the Month: Celebrating brilliance, stimulating sound work culture

MMA2 Employee of the Month: Celebrating brilliance, stimulating sound work culture

By In Travel News On 04/03/2019

Having great employees is critical for success in any organization. Recognizing and celebrating those class of employees also remain more important than ever. Great employees are members of the workforce who have the right attitude, consistent with delivering results in the business’s best interest and those who would go the extra mile just to simply ensure excellence in service delivery.

The MMA2 Employee of the month programme is therefore designed to promote sound ethical values, discipline, professionalism, sustainable work culture and boost employees’ morale for successful business outcomes.
The process leading to the emergence of the winners is predicated on a transparent, objective and 360 degree balanced score card assessment of nominated staff members by fellow members of staff who have been identified as high flyers who have exhibited excellent and outstanding qualities on the job. The nominee with the highest points emerges the winner from the pool of the month in view.


There is no gainsaying the fact that such measure has the potential to further boost the morale of the employees and ultimately bring out the best in them.
For the first quarter of 2019, MMA2 has recorded three outstanding winners from this initiative.
The January 2019 edition was won by Mr. Onyebuchi Madu, a member of the company’s Aviation Security (AVSEC) Department. The February 2019 Edition was won by Mr. Kazeem Sodipo of the Corporate Communications Department while that of March 2019 Edition was won by Mr. Isiaka Ibrahim. Mr. Ibrahim is of the Facility Department.

The Group Executive Director (GED) of BASL, Mr. Rodger Whittle has stated that the whole essence of the programme is to, on one hand, reward commitment, dedication to duty, loyalty and on the other hand instill sound work culture, encourage workplace productivity, capacity building and human capital development.
He also added that championing this process would be very instrumental in meaningful development and the transformation of the organization’s fortune.

The beneficiaries have lauded the initiative of BASL’s management, noting that such gesture will spur them to do more in their respective fields – all in a bid to achieve company’s lofty goals and objectives.
Meet the BASL Employee of the month winners for the 2019 Q1 business year!

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