For over 11 years, MMA2 has grown in leaps and bounds. There has been a tremendous expansion in all aspects of our business, from aeronautical services to space and premises, cargo operations, car park, security, safety and marketing.

In the years ahead, plans are on to further grow the terminal to make it one of the best in Africa.

With one airline (Chanchangi) in May 2007, six airlines now operate to various destinations from MMA2. They are: Areo, Dana, Med-View, Azman, Max Air, Arik and First Nation (currently not in operation).

In the years ahead, we plan to grow the number of the airlines, using our unique facilities and especially our expansive parking space for aircraft as the attractions.
Eventually, we plan to bring all the airlines operating domestic flights from Lagos State, our base, to MMA2 by providing for them seamless passenger facilitation.

We will also assist the existing airlines and the intending ones with all sorts of programmes in developing new routes. This will ultimately attract more passengers to the terminal.

Our cargo operations is the best in the aviation industry in Nigeria. This is because of the unique screening machines and other facilities we have at our Cargo Shed.
Our growth plans include:

  • Supporting the ground handling companies to perform optimally
  • Providing a conducive atmosphere for our customers and assisting them to process their cargoes faster
  • Approaching major corporate organisations dealing with bulk cargoes, such as Jumia and others to send their cargoes through our terminal
  • Giving some incentives to the cargo agents as a way of retaining the existing one and attracting the intending ones.

As part of our growth plans, we intend to bring in more known names in the retail market, more corporate organisations, such as banks, telecommunications companies and others to take up the available spaces at MMA2. We will also build more shops in the empty spaces to attract these potential customers to the terminal.

Our Multi-storey Car Park (MSCP) has 800 parking spaces. We believe that the whole of these spaces can be occupied at any point in time. We plan to grow this facility by bringing in organisations, such as Uber and Taxify to take ample spaces at the terminal.
We plan to personalise parking spaces for individuals and corporate organisations.

Our Marketing Department manages the Conference Room, activations, facility tours, the various bill boards and other facilities at the terminal. Part of its growth plans is to bring in many professional bodies and training organisations to hold their trainings in the Conference Room.

The department also intends to reach out to the umbrella body of private schools around the country – Association of Private School Proprietors of Nigeria – to increase the frequency of tours of the terminal by schools under the association.
Some of the bill boards are to be relocated to increase visibility as a way of attracting more patronage.

With the way we keep improving Security in and around the terminal, BASL believes that it will remain the place to do business for a long time to come.


Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two

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