Drive-In Movie at MMA2: A blend of style and innovation

Drive-In Movie at MMA2: A blend of style and innovation

By In Travel News On 05/03/2019

The cascading of the night, with a blend of innovative panache was the needed recipe to set the location aglow.

It was at the prestigious Helipad of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2) Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) – the place where the who-is-who in the entertainment industry and other fun-seekers gathered recently to do justice to the first-ever Drive-in Movie in any airport on this side of the divide.

Right from the outset, expectations were high. Participants were not just excited about the whole idea, they were anxious to witness proceedings at such a platform, a location with exceptional ambience – 15.6 meters high up on a night that promised to be seamlessly spectacular.

The entire airport community was a beehive of activity. Even first time callers at the terminal could sense the frills and thrills of the night, from a distance.

Traffic wardens at the terminal, other security agents sure had a handful, as they battle to ensure orderliness and that nothing impedes normal flights and terminal operations.

From all indications, drive-in movie premiere has proven to be more than just a theatre of some sorts.

It comes with a lot of glittering appeal that is capable of stimulating social fantasy among lovers of night life – same scenario which also applies for visitors to top destinations around the globe.

It is thus an ideal setting with all the thrilling, exhilarating, electrifying, invigorating outdoor vibes – vibes which are usual characteristics of a decent modern social gathering, while also not forgetting the place of business networking.

When the idea of hosting Drive-in Movie at MMA2 was first muted, not many believed it could trigger wide range of acceptance, let alone attract decent number of fun lovers.

But the turnout at the event recently wowed even the most doubtful Thomases around. This has interestingly established the fact that nothing is impossible when the right atmosphere is provided; with proper approach, planning, execution and collaboration.

The atmosphere on the night was pleasantly electric and inviting, despite the fact that the day actually fell during rainy period. Even a potential downpour couldn’t have dampened the enthusiasm as it was buffered by the huge turnout.

The ambience was soothing. Beams of light burst into the moonless night to complement the thick dark side of the night to create a harmonious whole. A soft, cool, sonorous rendition oozing from the many imposing speakers strategically situated at the event ground, ushered in the fun seekers, particularly the early callers to the floor – with stern-looking bouncers and other security agents, both clothed and in plain uniform to provide the needed cover and security.  It was indeed, a night to remember.

The unique characteristics of the night was that movie goers drove into the event location, seated comfortably in their cars while they enjoy the movie on a large, imposing screen.

There were seats for other people on the night – those who probably did not come with their cars.  The general set up was impeccable, as some of the visitors on the night commended the innovation, saying it will go a long way to restore the beauty of night life not only in the nation’s commercial nerve centre, but also in other parts of the country.

Global brand, Pepsi, and others were on hand to add candour and glamour to the event. They make viewers’ experience at the show count and worthwhile with complementary drinks, popcorn, small chops, pizza to mention but a few.

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