In this fast-paced world, air travel has become a very essential part of everyday life. Here in Nigeria, thousands of passengers fly across thousands of miles daily.

In Lagos, the Murtala Muhammed Airport Two (MMA2), the best and the fastest growing domestic terminal in Nigeria and the West African sub-region, serves the largest percentage of this figure. That is why we have been relentless in ensuring that from the moment each passenger walks through our doors till he or she boards the flight, the experience every step of the way is entirely comfortable and memorable.

To make this possible, BASL has successfully deployed the Common Users Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) in the terminal.

This state-of-the-art technology is targeted at improving the experience of the travelling public and set new standards in the industry. With the CUPPS along with its key features, passengers can now pass through the terminal at their convenience without being at the mercy of anyone. This is the first time this technology is being deployed in any airport terminal in the country.

The CUPPS system also offers improved service and enhanced security through integration of e-gates for access control into passengers’ waiting lounges and other restricted areas. The system does this by automatically generating boarding passes and bag tag coupons, which facilitate and hasten passenger processing through the use of 2D barcode scanners to check-in.

Once checked-in, passengers can make their way to the boarding gates by simply swiping their tickets at the e-gates and then, proceed to board. The e-gates also store information about each passenger, making it absolutely impossible for any unauthorised person to gain access to sterile parts of the terminal.

This technology also allows self check-in by passengers via strategically positioned self-service kiosks, limiting the need to interface with airlines’ officials at check-in counters. Using the self-check-in kiosks takes just a few seconds, therefore, saving passengers precious time to do other important things.

Besides, this technology allows the terminal to maximise the utilisation of check-in counters and gate resources. This will, invariably, enable airlines to expand and easily meet seasonal traffic demands.
This is, indeed, another in the series of many firsts in the Nigerian aviation industry by BASL.

Another addition to the facilities at MMA2 is the PAXTRACK, which is an automated passenger tracking system. PAXTRACK is a complete five-module system that tracks passengers throughout the terminal. It provides triple quality service for airports, passengers, airlines and handling agents. The system collects passenger information, stores it in a database and allows airport administrators to view, search and analyse the actions of passengers at the airport.

The system also verifies that boarding passes are valid and personalised at the various terminal checkpoints, especifically at the security screening stations. It also verifies that passengers are in the right place, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of security controls and preventing unauthorized passengers from entering the boarding zones.

A unique feature of the PAXTRACK system is that it manages priority access for frequent flyers or business class passengers. The access rights are defined by MMA2 and allow airlines to offer special priority treatment for certain category of passengers.
It is now easy for passengers to get information that help them find their way around the terminal. These include flight information, boarding gate information and how long it takes to reach the gate with the PAX GUIDE on the interactive self-service kiosks.

MMA2 is also now equipped with BAGERA, an ICAO-compliant comprehensive reconciliation and tracking system that uses the latest technology purposely designed to track passengers’ bag from check-in to loading.

BAGERA not only meets all security requirements, it also provides enhanced quality of service to passengers.

One of the key features of BAGERA include matching bags to boarded passengers. Passengers are now sure their bags will not be left behind.
It helps to ensure they are fewer lost and misrouted bags
With BAGERA, handlers can easily locate bags, identify/transfer bags with short connection, load and offload bags, create rush bags and much more.

In addition to our massive investment in technology, we have also continued to make huge investment in overall facility upgrades.
The most recent upgrades involved power generation and installation of two new escalators and a panoramic lift. Ongoing upgrades involved installation of five additional elevators and an escalator, as well as acquisition of two additional power generators, among others.


Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two

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