Between Abayomi Oluwole & the Pen-robbers in Abuja

Between Abayomi Oluwole & the Pen-robbers in Abuja

By In Travel News On 08/08/2016

You should be wondering what Abayomi Oluwole has got to do with the few state actors who daily give this country a bad name as one of the most fantastically corrupt countries in the world today. Hold your breath, Citizen Abayomi is not one of the infamous 2018 budget padders and hardworking looters of our treasury in Abuja and the 36 state capitals. Nor does he work for any of them. The 40-year-old man is not a prominent Nigerian but he is very significant. Pastor Rick Warren in his classic, The Purpose Driven Life identifies two classes of people in life: the prominent and the significant. He says some people are prominent through the media but they may not be significant. And there are some others that may not be prominent at all but quite significant even in the eye of the people.

The American cleric says God who is not interested in prominent people, is daily looking for significant people who will remake the world%u2026Abayomi is one of such significant Nigerians at such a time like this. This is my story: On Saturday July 30, 2016, I travelled to Abuja through the Lagos domestic airport (MM2) commissioned by Bi-Courtney Aviation Services in 2008. And in a rush to make the First Nation airline 11:30am flight to Abuja, I left my frontier office handbag, which contained money, two cheque books, my international passports, (old and new), two iPhone 5 handsets, a Toyota car particulars, etc. on the floor of the departure hall. I did not remember the handbag until we were told to prepare for landing at the Abuja airport. Even when I called Mr Remi Ladigbolu, Bi-Courtney Communications Manager at the airport, I was quite disturbed, especially about my passport. Remi told me to list the items in the bag for an inquiry at the security posts of the airport.

I was composing an SMS to him (Remi) when a call from an operative of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), who later identified herself as Hajia interrupted my composition. She asked, Are you Martins Oloja? She queried if I flew through the MM2 that day and I interrupted her with the content of the SMS her call had disrupted. She told me that a good Nigerian who found my handbag had deposited it at the FAAN airport security administration post. She asked me to collect the bag at the security post whenever I returned. I did not tell her any details about the content. I returned to MM2 on Tuesday and behold every item in the bag was intact. I asked for the identity of the good Nigerian who found the bag. I was sad when told the person was not on duty. I then left a call-card and requested that the person should please, call me whenever he returned.
I was pleasantly surprised when I received Abayomi call while I was paying for some books at the Glendora Bookshop, about 30 metres away from the security screening post. I told him to meet me there and I saw a lanky man who looks like a 25 year old, but says he is actually 40. I followed him to his office where I discovered that he works as a cleaner for a private cleaning company, SPARKLEEN that Bi-Courtney had hired to take care of airport, MM2.

I met some of the managers in the office who were quite pleased that I called in, to appreciate them. The story of citizen. Abayomi, who hails from Egbe, Yagba West Local Government of Kogi State, shows again that we are not all thieves and padders. When the David Cameron of this world would proclaim that Nigeria is a fantastically corrupt country, they should note that only very few public officers give us this bad name, after all. I am very proud to associate myself with a significant Nigerian, Abayomi, who is a sharp contrast to the prominent execu-thieves and legislooters in Abuja and 36 state capitals. It is 40 cheerful garlands to Abayomi who reinforces my belief again in my dear country: That there are fantastically good Nigerians too!


Culled from The Guardian of August 6, 2016, in an article entitled: Understanding the 10 Nigerians who broke Nigeria walls, written by Martins Oloja.

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